Carpet Cleaning

At ProComm Cleaning & Janitorial Services, has all of the necessary tools to keep your carpets clean and extend their longevity.  A combination of the right profession equipment with the proper eco-friendly chemicals will remove all debris from your carpet.  Our team of professionals has the most up-to-date training to maximize your carpets life and your patron’s health.

When cleaning carpets, the pH balance of the chemicals is of the utmost importance.  If the mix of chemicals isn’t proper, it can cause discoloration and ultimately lead to the decay of the carpet.  Trust the team of carpet cleaning experts of able cleaning for your needs.

There are many options when cleaning your office’s carpets and different situations require different tactics.  Steam Cleaning (carpet extraction), rotary scrub shampooing, encapsulation cleaning, bonnet cleaning, carpet stain protection as well as normal sanitizing and deodorizing.

ProComm Cleaning & Janitorial Services will tailor a plan just for your business carpet cleaning needs.  From monthly routine cleanings of high-traffic areas, to spot removal services, to annual deep cleanings of the entire building!

Clean carpets play a large role in the health of your offices patrons.  Dirt, debris, germs, and allergens all hide within carpets and require careful attention to promote the well being of your visitors.

ProComm Cleaning & Janitorial Services our professional-grade carpet deodorizer neutralizes odors in the air by eliminating them at their source. You are left with a fresh scent after our powerful encapsulating agents provide instant relief from odor.

More than just ‘clean’, carpeting represents a huge investment for your company.  Engaging in routine maintenance programs that promote your carpets longevity will benefit your businesses bottom line.

ProComm Cleaning & Janitorial Services also provides a carpet protection service.  This professional-strength protector assists in keeping your carpet, furniture and partitions void of dirt, spills while minimizing daily wear and tear.  Even better, our carpet protector is safe for people, pets, and the environment!  This protector will extend the life of your carpet; remain pleasant-smelling for a longer time while staying cleaning longer.  As an added bonus, the protector truly protects your carpet from spills so you will have a longer period of time to clean the spill without leaving a permanent mark!

ProComm Cleaning & Janitorial Services has been exceeding customers’ expectations.  Fully insured and bonded in Ontario and Quebec; ProComm Cleaning & Janitorial Services is ready to be your janitorial and maintenance partner.  As a process-driven, Technology-adapting company with a passion for long-term health, we are ready to exceed your businesses expectations. Short-term, Long-term, Temporary and Emergency Contracts available.  Contact us for your free quote.

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